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And Moving Right Along

March 14, 2017

Hello everybody. Hope all is well in cyber world. Can you believe how fast these years are flying by. From one stage to the next can sometimes become blurry. But the one thing you can always count on is a transition. It’s a part of all life and so we move on with it.

Due to some health changes in my life its time to get it together and get healthy. Body, mind and soul. Speaking of body and transition… it’s happening. If the hormones wont induce then ill just implant them. I will do a post after surgery going into more detail but e are thinking dd. I’m a big girl. So as mentioned before we are moving right along with life’s transitioning.

Any big transitions happening in your lives? Or maybe you’re experiencing the in between where life is a little calmer. Either way soaks it up because it will change. Never think of it as the end of something though but rather the beginning of something else.

Sorry to keep it so brief but have to get dinner on. Chicken wrapped asparagus. There may be a post about that depending on my success with it. We’ll chat later.


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