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I’m Just a Girl In a Boys Body Trying to Live a Woman’s Life

August 26, 2016

Hey everybody. Hope all is just fabulous out there and that everyone is having a successful journey. Been a while since my last post. Those of you who have followed me for any length of time know that long periods between post tend to be my mo. I promise to work on that harder. I admit to being a little scatter brained sometimes and not to mention preferring the pool to almost anything else. 😉 But in any case here we are and I’m in one of those reorganize,find something else to do kind of moods.

What are you doing these days you ask? Well still a waitress so there’s that. I started doing the occasional female impersonator show. More to come on that in other post. Took a break from cooking meals that took so long and have adopted the quick fix plans. More to come on that as well. oh yes and hanging in the pool as much as possible. glamorous you say….  from the outside. Not that my life isn’t pretty fab but like all of you we have our trials and tribulations.

What do I want to start doing you ask? Good question and as soon as I figure that out there will be a post about it.;-) some ideas are yoga, more cooking, more writing, learning about web design and finding my new path in life. ambitious I know but we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned…

All and All feeling pretty positive at the moment and thinking there’s a new chapter just a few ages away. Till then have a great day everyone and remember just cause life can be confusing sometimes don’t put yourself in just one place. We are a combination of things and feelings. and this girl is slowly figuring out a womans life. 😉


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  1. georgiakevin permalink

    Reading your post felt like i was having coffee with a dear friend enjoying a wonderful visit, write on my friend write on.

    • Thanks hun…

    • Don’t let those fourth graders get ya…. and happy to see you moving forward and appreciating all you have.. blessed be hun

      • georgiakevin permalink

        i have been moved to a 9th grade academy but will take your advice. We have had school for a month now.

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