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April 22, 2016

     Hey everybody. Hope all is well. As Im sure you gathered from my last post sometimes life is hard. The different struggles we face from day to day just trying to get from point a to point b with some shopping in between. Which is the appealing part about simple things like baking a pie. Cran-blueberry pie to be exact.
     I’m not really  much of a baker but get inspired every now and then. This past weekend I went on a long weekend vacation with my boyfriend and on the way back home we past a blueberry farm. Who could resist. So fresh, so sweet. The first thing that poped in my head after trying one of those delectable berries was pie. And now pie we are having. This is a super easy recipe that almost anyone can do. I say almost cause lets face it, there are some people who should just not be in the kitchen.
     Here’s what you are going to need;

1. pie dish
2. easy premade pie crust that you just roll out. (2)
3. some sugar
4. cinnamon
5. flour
6. salt
7. dried cranberries
8. fresh blueberries
9.mixing bowl

     Depending on the size of your pie dish will determine how many berries you need. I used about 4 cups. Also the amount of sugar can very on how sweet your berries are or your own preferences. I used about 2 tablespoons. Same with the flour. So grab your mixing bowl and put in the blueberries. Then add the sugar, flour, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Mix it up and set asaide.
     Take the first pie crust and roll it on the bottom of the pie dish then press it along the base and sides. Pour the berry mix into the shell and sprinkle the dried cranberries over the top. Next roll the second crust over the top of the pie crimping the edges to seal it. Your going to want to cut a few slits in it to let steam out. This next step is optional which is why i didnt list it in the ingredients. Make an egg wash and brush the top of the pie. Cover the edges with foild so the don’t burn.
     Preheat the oven to about *350 and put the pie in. Bake it for about 50 minutes. About 15 minutes or so before done you can take the foil off. Once done let cool. I suggest serving it alamode.


     I hope everyone enjoys this delicious simple pie. If life is geting hard and you are about to pop just slow down and take an moment to simplify. In a world as crazy and busy and ours sometimes you just need something that’s easy as pie.

p.s. forgive any poor spelling. didn’t spell check. If one of my friends reads this they will appreciate the mis-spelled words.


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  1. Jerry permalink

    The blueberry and cranberry pie sounds super yummy, I will try ot thanks for sharing

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