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February 17, 2016

    Hey everybody! Hope you all had a wonderfully magical valentines day. Although the origins of the day aren’t as romantic as the celebration of love we practice today I hope this message gets through. LOVE is for everyone. Tall, short, gay, transgender, white, black, asian, fat, skinny and on and on. Including yourself.

I was originally going to post a spell to attract love before valentines but thought twice. Instead this SUMMONING OF LOVE is more about being open to receiving love from yourself and others. The day should be about love, not just lovers. Although I will say that is nice as well. 😉

So let’s get started shall we. First you’ll want to gather some materials. Some sage for clearing your sacred space. Candles, incense, herbs and crystals associated with love.20160212_074553.jpg

These are some of the things I gathered. Rose quartz tealight  candle, my smudge stick, florite for wholeness, smoky quartz for amplification and a little mystery, some incense, a shell because i love the sea and cinnamon to spice things up. I am in a relationship so  these things were chosen with that in mind. You should pick things personal to you and your situation.

Alright time to Smudge. Make sure to get the corner. Energy tends to get stuck there sometimes. Next set your alter space up. Then quiet your mind and surround yourself with white light. Once surrounded from the inside out fill the space with this same white light. Now take a deep breath and ground yourself. Every action from this point forward is with the intention of being open to love. 20160213_222808.jpg

Lite your candles and incense. Be still. Be open. When ready start to chant;

I am open to receiving love. love from myself and love from others.

repeat for as long as is comfortable to you. Once done thank the universe for listening and say the words

so mote it be. You could also say amen or whatever works for you. Now blow out the candles, turn on, stand up you sexy goddesses and gods and start receiving LOVE.


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