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February 12, 2016

Hello  everybody…

Hope everyone had a great wed. I was a little under the weather so took the evening off. feeling a bit better so thought I would share some of my work looks. Some of these are in the earlier part of the day and others are at the end.



And then there is the end of the day. You still get the just of the hair and make-up.20160211_182351.jpg20160211_182947-1.jpg

This past Sunday I throw caution to the  wind and decided to get some layers cut in. Had been thinking about it for a while but the only way it was gonna happen …. well ya know. For work the hair stays up but with the different lengths there’s a little more you can do with it.20160210_100955.jpg20160209_190629.jpg

OK Kids. Sorry to keep things a little short but gotta get some rest. Back to the work flow tomorrow. 😉


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  1. georgiakevin permalink

    You are soo beautiful!

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