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What to expect when expecting

June 13, 2013

Once again, as I have done in previous post, I apologize for the long pause between post. I have a tendency to get side tracked. In most of the previous post I’ve talked about name change, job hunts and general things but have yet to talk about what we all want to know. What to expect from your hormone treatment when you are expecting change.
First off let me say that treatment is going to be different for everyone. The dosages, the amount taken and how often you take them. All I can share at this point is what has happened for me during the course of my HRT(Hormone replacement Therapy). Don’t expect miracles either. You will be setting yourself up for disappointments and I’m sure we have all had enough of those. Your age and body size will have a lot to do either the effects of the treatment as well. I’m a big girl at 6’2″ and 245lbs.
So I started at 35 and am now 37. It will have been 2 years in July. Physically the most noticeable changes have been in the texture of my skin and the softening of some of my male features. You will notice that for the most part changes like these are more noticeable to others than to yourself. There have definitely been some emotional ups and downs that are to be expected but overall I am beginning to have a better sense of well-being with my body and mind. In others words becoming much more comfortable being the woman I am.
In the way of breast development this is probably the most disappointing part for me. There has been some tenderness and sensitivity behind the nipple but the glands have yet to fully expand and burst. I have increased my hormone dosage twice since starting. The last time was just a month ago so I am hopeful that the higher dosage is going to kick-start the forming of breast tissue and gland development. Although it can be frustrated I still believe it is better to wait than to jump into breast surgery reminding myself that this is a puberty and generally will take the full length of a normal puberty to get the maximum results. PATIENCE!
So the point here is to let you know that it is going to take time. Particularly if you are starting later in life. Remembering your first go around with puberty and how you thought you would never been through it. Well hold on sweeties cause here comes round two.


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  1. Well, as u stated above patience is the key of the whole issue, but since you are already 2 years on hrt I would recommend that you undergo breast surgeries, as u know after 3 years of HRT you should stop expecting anything new, i don’t wanna disappoint you, but I believe you should consider doing it. :))
    I wish you all good luck dear ❤ Thumbs up.

  2. georgiakevin permalink

    Your post is much appreciated. You write very well and your thoughts make such good sense.

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