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Equal Oppurtunity???

February 8, 2013

I apologize for the long pause between my last post and this one. A change in circumstances has had my mind elsewhere which brings me to the subject of this post. Trans and work.
As of about three weeks ago I left my job of six years because it felt as though I were being treated unfairly. It was no secret that I was not happy with the position and that I was actively seeking other employment. unfortunately my faith in people in the local community has become a little shaken. I believed, foolishly, that I lived in a very diverse, open-minded and GLBT friendly area. To walk around, coming and going from all the different businesses and restaurants, you would think the same thing. But, as is often the case, it appears that the neighborhood is more GLB friendly than T. I have never had an issue as a customer in any of the fine local establishments, but it seems it may be a different situation when it comes to working at one of these businesses. FYI, I have been applying for jobs that I am more than qualified for.
I have not given up all hope as of yet. Besides, I don’t think that is really an option nor is moving to a more trans friendly city at this particular time. Although I am definitely considering this as a viable option for the future. Or would that be considered giving up on this community?
In any case three weeks and counting of no job. The bills are starting to get behind and of course there are more coming. I have considered the possibility that if no one will hire me I may just have to employ myself. Of course if that were any easier I’m sure there would already be a lot more trans people doing it. For now it seems we are back to the title of my original post “Where to start”.
I have to say that it can be very frustrating sometimes to be clumped in with a particular community (GLBT) when the GLB part is far ahead of the T. I find sometimes there can be just as much discrimination and/or lack of understanding in the GLBT community as outside of it. Come on all you GLB business owners who claim to be activist and/or lobbyist for equality and take some chances with your transgender brothers and sisters.


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