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Step 2 Name change

January 30, 2013

So, as I mentioned previously, I have been on hormone treatment for about a year and a half now. Definitely feeling more like myself these days. Now I’ve legally changed my name from Michael to Michelle. I even have a new picture on my identification card that is a bit more representative of me. 😉 I’m very excited about this new developement. Before I dreaded being asked for my id because of the name and the picture. Now the name and the picture match up so unless they are particularly scrutinizing; then it looks like any other 36 yo females would.
It definately is a process from start to finish. I’m still in the middle of changing my name on every single documentation that has my old name on it. Fortunately the paperwork and filing were all done by my lawyer which I was referred to by my therapist. And, the service was free. The lawyer I used is part of our local legal aid which provide legal services for people with lower incomes. She even got most of the fees waived for me. If this resource is available to you in your area I highly recommend using it. With the cost of living getting higher any and all help or resources are appreciated. Pre-court ordered name change, the only thing I had to do for the lawyer is answer a few questions and get finger printed with a background check.
Once the judge signed off on the court order it took about a week for the courts to electronically file it and prepare a certified copy for pick up. After picking up my copy, which was about $4 per copy, I went straight to social security office and applied for a new card. They gave me a receipt but once I got to the dmv that didn’t work. I was able to use my w-2 for social security number verification. So at the dmv I had my w-2, old id, 2 utility bills with old name on them as proof of residence and the court order. The cost of getting the new id was about $32.00. Still working on changing everything else to my new name, but I was able to do pick up court order, social security office and dmv in a day. I was fortunate. It can still take up to three weeks after getting your court order before even being able to begin the rest of the process. Long story short, use all the resources available to you. We’ve got bigger things to save up for. 😉


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