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Getting Started

January 22, 2013

Getting to the point were I was ready to start hormone treatment was a little different from most. It began around six years ago when I was diagnosed with HIV. At that time I had a boyfriend who was very supportive through the whole initial shock. I started thinking about how much longer my life may or may not be. It was still a few years later when my t-cells went to low and my viral load went to high that I decided it was now or never. The moment the doctor mentioned having to go on HIV medication I started asking about the possibility of starting hormones.
(note; before you start hormone therapy typically you have to get a letter from your therapest stating that this is the right path for you.)
With in a couple of months of starting my HIV medication I started my hormone regimen. A combination of Spironolactone, premarin, and medroxyprogesterone along with low dose aspirin. Apparently hormones can sometimes thicken the blood and cause clots. It was liberating to finally be on the path to my true self. Little did I know what was to come, although I had some expectations from previous experience in cross dressing.
Between the ages of 16 and 18 I dressed as a girl and between 18 and 30 there were some episodes of dressing in drag.
I have to say the first six months were a little disappointing. With the exception of a few emotional breakdowns and the fact that I was taking them at all, there weren’t many physical changes. I did eventually speak with my doctor about the dissatisfaction I was having with the results and in turn he doubled my doses. I suppose it was to be expected. I have always had a high tolerance to medications and such, so it stands to reason that this would be no elision. Even at double the dose I am finding physical changes to be slow coming. ( I want bigger breast dang it). It has been a year and a half since I started hormone treatment and other than the softening of my skin, some emotional changes and some minor breast developement still not happy with the physical results. I suppose it will never really happen fast enough for me since I waited so long to start. Feels like a game of catching up now. On the bright side I will still have perky breast well into old age unlike some of my peers. That is almost worth the wait.
I do apologize about the delay in this posting. Certain events occurred that distracted me for a moment but I will catch you guys up on that in a later post.


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    Great post. 🙂

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