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And Moving Right Along

Hello everybody. Hope all is well in cyber world. Can you believe how fast these years are flying by. From one stage to the next can sometimes become blurry. But the one thing you can always count on is a transition. It’s a part of all life and so we move on with it.

Due to some health changes in my life its time to get it together and get healthy. Body, mind and soul. Speaking of body and transition… it’s happening. If the hormones wont induce then ill just implant them. I will do a post after surgery going into more detail but e are thinking dd. I’m a big girl. So as mentioned before we are moving right along with life’s transitioning.

Any big transitions happening in your lives? Or maybe you’re experiencing the in between where life is a little calmer. Either way soaks it up because it will change. Never think of it as the end of something though but rather the beginning of something else.

Sorry to keep it so brief but have to get dinner on. Chicken wrapped asparagus. There may be a post about that depending on my success with it. We’ll chat later.


I’m Just a Girl In a Boys Body Trying to Live a Woman’s Life

Hey everybody. Hope all is just fabulous out there and that everyone is having a successful journey. Been a while since my last post. Those of you who have followed me for any length of time know that long periods between post tend to be my mo. I promise to work on that harder. I admit to being a little scatter brained sometimes and not to mention preferring the pool to almost anything else. 😉 But in any case here we are and I’m in one of those reorganize,find something else to do kind of moods.

What are you doing these days you ask? Well still a waitress so there’s that. I started doing the occasional female impersonator show. More to come on that in other post. Took a break from cooking meals that took so long and have adopted the quick fix plans. More to come on that as well. oh yes and hanging in the pool as much as possible. glamorous you say….  from the outside. Not that my life isn’t pretty fab but like all of you we have our trials and tribulations.

What do I want to start doing you ask? Good question and as soon as I figure that out there will be a post about it.;-) some ideas are yoga, more cooking, more writing, learning about web design and finding my new path in life. ambitious I know but we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned…

All and All feeling pretty positive at the moment and thinking there’s a new chapter just a few ages away. Till then have a great day everyone and remember just cause life can be confusing sometimes don’t put yourself in just one place. We are a combination of things and feelings. and this girl is slowly figuring out a womans life. 😉


Hey everybody. So much has happened in recent events. Tragedy in our community and nation. My heart goes out to all those friends and families of all who are touched by Orlando’s horrific event. Please everyone out there stay safe and know you are not alone… be blessed. Just checking in😘


Hey there everybody. Sorry for the long pause but you know how it can be sometimes. Hope all is well with all of you. That saying “you are what you eat” had been on my mind for a while and it occurred to me that there could be some more natural things I could be doing to encourage the feminization process. So I did a little research online and found that certain foods encourage either more estrogens or testosterone production. It was my own transition that sparked this interest but this information could be useful to anyone with hormone imbalances such as cis-women entering menepous. Most of the foods to follow are healthy choices anyway and would probably be beneficial to almost everyone’s diet.

Following are two different list. The first contains foods that create more estrogens feminizing qualities. The second contains foods that stimulate more testosterone. So depending on your unique situation here are some foods you may want to incorporate or avoid depending on what you need.


  1. Flax seed (you can sprinkle these on salads or yogurt)
  2. Soy

a. tofu

b. soybeans

c. soy milk, etc. (it is worth noting I recently heard their may be a link between excess soy and certain cancers. Moderation is key.)

3. fruits & Vegetables

a. dried prunes         e. sprouts          i. cabbage

b. peaches                  f. squash

c. raspberries               g. green beans

d. strawberries          h. broccoli

Keep in mind girlfriends that this is not instant girlyness. It takes time and results vary. 😉 Always listen to your doctor and let them know about diet changes. Most of the things on these list would be considered healthy anyway so here’s to good eating and remember…YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.


     Hey everybody. Hope all is well. As Im sure you gathered from my last post sometimes life is hard. The different struggles we face from day to day just trying to get from point a to point b with some shopping in between. Which is the appealing part about simple things like baking a pie. Cran-blueberry pie to be exact.
     I’m not really  much of a baker but get inspired every now and then. This past weekend I went on a long weekend vacation with my boyfriend and on the way back home we past a blueberry farm. Who could resist. So fresh, so sweet. The first thing that poped in my head after trying one of those delectable berries was pie. And now pie we are having. This is a super easy recipe that almost anyone can do. I say almost cause lets face it, there are some people who should just not be in the kitchen.
     Here’s what you are going to need;

1. pie dish
2. easy premade pie crust that you just roll out. (2)
3. some sugar
4. cinnamon
5. flour
6. salt
7. dried cranberries
8. fresh blueberries
9.mixing bowl

     Depending on the size of your pie dish will determine how many berries you need. I used about 4 cups. Also the amount of sugar can very on how sweet your berries are or your own preferences. I used about 2 tablespoons. Same with the flour. So grab your mixing bowl and put in the blueberries. Then add the sugar, flour, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Mix it up and set asaide.
     Take the first pie crust and roll it on the bottom of the pie dish then press it along the base and sides. Pour the berry mix into the shell and sprinkle the dried cranberries over the top. Next roll the second crust over the top of the pie crimping the edges to seal it. Your going to want to cut a few slits in it to let steam out. This next step is optional which is why i didnt list it in the ingredients. Make an egg wash and brush the top of the pie. Cover the edges with foild so the don’t burn.
     Preheat the oven to about *350 and put the pie in. Bake it for about 50 minutes. About 15 minutes or so before done you can take the foil off. Once done let cool. I suggest serving it alamode.


     I hope everyone enjoys this delicious simple pie. If life is geting hard and you are about to pop just slow down and take an moment to simplify. In a world as crazy and busy and ours sometimes you just need something that’s easy as pie.

p.s. forgive any poor spelling. didn’t spell check. If one of my friends reads this they will appreciate the mis-spelled words.


Just a heads up lady’s. Those emotional roller coasters you may have been warned about before starting hormones…..  HA, HA HA, HA HA HA….

More like a trans-nado of emotional twisting and whirling inside you and just when you think you’ve got them under control POP!POW! THEN POW POW!! POP!!! And before you now it you’ve cussed everybody out, everything is overwhelming, and you turn into a giant puddle of tears. All because you saw some Sarah McLachlan infomercial or you tried something on that really reminded you you’re not where you want to be in your physical transition.

Hey one and two-year old gurls out there listen up… a five-year girl is talking and you’re not even at the tip yet hun. So be prepared for the anger and the tears. The overwelmingness of life and the blissfulness of entering womanhood. And welcome to TRANS-MANIA


P.S. Blame it all on the hormones Trust me it has everything to do with it.


Hello everybody. I hope everyone is having a fab-tastic week. Got some ideas for other post but thought I needed to share this great and fresh snapper dinner for two.

It helps if you have a farmers market in your area and live near water. All the ingredients used in this recipe were bought that day. Now I just made some zatarans red beans and rice with it, but I think some fresh asparagus or green beans would be great with this.

Let’s get started.20160228_185841.jpg

There’s the fresh snapper that was filleted at the market, dill, olive oil, onions and a lemon. You can either keep it simple with the seasonings and just use good ol salt and pepper or add some garlic, a little old bay or whatever your favorite is. You just don’t want to out do the dill and lemon.

Next is easy. Just assemble so that it looks like so.


Now this was baked in the oven at about 350* for about 20 mins or so. Everyone’s oven is a little different so you may have to adjust. This would also be delicious on a grill as well.


Alright let’s get this plated. There the with and without lemon dill tartar sauce also homemade.


Hope you all enjoy and let me know how it turns out. Blog ya soon.


Hey everybody. Where have you been? Time flies when your hanging with these guys…wp-1456883311449.jpg and my lovewp-1456884404500.jpg

Been working at the restaurant a lot.wp-1456882582796.jpg

Doing some gardening on the patio. Making time for mimosa and moon watching.wp-1456883332442.jpg20151025_183925.jpg

Catching some great city scenes and gorgeous sunsets.20151111_180422.jpg

All while standing on this.fb_img_1444242725967.jpg

So those are some of the places I’ve been recently. And can you believe this picture was taking from that very pier.20151227_092108.jpg

The time of day and the way the light bounces of the water, well it’s just beautiful. Feel free to share so of your fun places or photos with me. Till then.


    Hey everybody! Hope you all had a wonderfully magical valentines day. Although the origins of the day aren’t as romantic as the celebration of love we practice today I hope this message gets through. LOVE is for everyone. Tall, short, gay, transgender, white, black, asian, fat, skinny and on and on. Including yourself.

I was originally going to post a spell to attract love before valentines but thought twice. Instead this SUMMONING OF LOVE is more about being open to receiving love from yourself and others. The day should be about love, not just lovers. Although I will say that is nice as well. 😉

So let’s get started shall we. First you’ll want to gather some materials. Some sage for clearing your sacred space. Candles, incense, herbs and crystals associated with love.20160212_074553.jpg

These are some of the things I gathered. Rose quartz tealight  candle, my smudge stick, florite for wholeness, smoky quartz for amplification and a little mystery, some incense, a shell because i love the sea and cinnamon to spice things up. I am in a relationship so  these things were chosen with that in mind. You should pick things personal to you and your situation.

Alright time to Smudge. Make sure to get the corner. Energy tends to get stuck there sometimes. Next set your alter space up. Then quiet your mind and surround yourself with white light. Once surrounded from the inside out fill the space with this same white light. Now take a deep breath and ground yourself. Every action from this point forward is with the intention of being open to love. 20160213_222808.jpg

Lite your candles and incense. Be still. Be open. When ready start to chant;

I am open to receiving love. love from myself and love from others.

repeat for as long as is comfortable to you. Once done thank the universe for listening and say the words

so mote it be. You could also say amen or whatever works for you. Now blow out the candles, turn on, stand up you sexy goddesses and gods and start receiving LOVE.


Hello everybody. Just so ya know the title of this post is not referring to me. 🙂 Often with our  busy lives we don’t spend much time thinking about dinner. Also if any of you are in transition you know the cost of all the different procedures we go through can get up there. So this is an easy meal at doesn’t cost much nor takes much effort.This nis what you will need.


First thing first. Rub so olive oil on the pork cho-ps front and back then season them on both sides. Set to the side. Next let’s prep the potatoes and onions.


Chop up the rosemary.( fyi, rosemary can also be used in love spells.)


Now we take all that with some olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic, herb de Provence and thyme mixing it together in a bowl so that everything is covered.


Now throw all that in a baking dish with the chops and stick in a 375 degree oven for about 40 to 45 mins. While that is in you can put the cream of corn in a small sauce pot and a little butter then sprinkle with some salt and pepper. that can warm slowly while the rest is cooking and you are getting cozy.20160211_190455.jpg

When your ready to eat just pull it pout and plate it up.


Alright kids. It’s time for this girl to start getting ready for work. So if you need to save a little cash and looking for an easy dinner here ya go. Easy and cheap. See ya later guys.

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